Autumn Term 2 – Week 4

Well, we have reached the end of our first week in the bungalow and I have to say, the children have been amazing. They were all excited to explore their new classroom and dealt with the move better than us adults! Thank you grown-ups for making the transition so easy. As always, the children have worked hard all week. Our learning this week was about birthdays. We were even lucky enough to have a real birthday boy in class this week too. We have done lots of cake painting, colouring , cake making, candle counting and even cake eating. We have also made up lots of parties, and given pretend gifts to each other. In PE we did some dancing and learned how to play musical bumps, musical statues and coloured corners and the children were so supportive of each other. In the classroom we had a go at pin the tail on the donkey.

On Thursday afternoon we found a young hedgehog, out and about in the cold daylight. Mrs Taylor put it in a box and brought it in to show the children, then Mrs Byram took it to the Prickle Tickle Rescue Centre. We found out it was a little girl and she was too small to hibernate so she will stay at the centre until the spring, when she will be released back into the wild. (I’m so glad she has a safe, warm bed in this cold snowy weather.)

Autumn Term 2 – Week 3

This week our learning was about Autumn. We started the week with our fabulous welly walk, collecting lots of Autumn treasures. We then used them for making leaf pictures, for creating habitats for woodland creatures, for wax rubbings and even in the water tray like leaves in a muddy puddle.

The children also enjoyed Children in Need day on Friday, though unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photos on the day.

We look forward to showing you our new classroom on Monday!


Our Autumn Welly Walk

We had a fabulous welly walk into the woods today, looking for Autumn treasures. We will use these treasures in all our jobs this coming week.

Autumn Term 2 – Week 2

This week we learned about the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Light. We enjoyed hearing the story of Rama and Sita and the Demon King and recreated the 10 headed demon with 10 of our own heads! We found out how families around the world celebrate Diwali and we tried some of these things too. We made lots of Rangoli patterns using a variety of media, including 2d shapes. We all made and decorated a diya lamp, which involved shaping the clay, painting it when dry, then adding some sparkle. We enjoyed dressing up and learning a Diwali dance too…which was really difficult to learn. Chester even continued his learning at home and brought in a super drawing of some diya lamps.

Autumn Term 2 – Week 1

Welcome back to all the Jolly Giraffes!

This week we introduced our new learning about ‘Celebrations’. The children talked all about their Halloween celebrations and our learning this week was about celebrating Bonfire Night. We learned about the story of the Gunpowder Plot and did lots of jobs to do with fireworks. The children have been very creative, exploring new media like pastels, for firework drawing and combining workshop materials to make rocket fireworks. They have painted fireworks, enhancing their pictures with glitter and there has been quite a lot of glitter in the water tray too. The children themselves were fireworks on Wednesday with lots of colour and noise!  The children have role played going out on a night journey, wrapping up warm and taking torches with them.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 7

This week, to round off our learning of ‘All About Me’ we enjoyed a fun rhyming story called ‘Pants’. We then had lots of fun designing our own pants with paints, pencils and workshop materials. We had lots of pants to peg on the washing line and had dolls clothes to wash in the water tray. We learned how we change when we grow and how we need bigger clothes as we grow. We continued investigating things using all our 5 senses, something we did both indoors and outdoors.

Have a lovely rest little Jolly Giraffes before we start our new learning after the holidays.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 6

This week we have been learning about our 5 senses. There was lots of investigation, using all 5 of our senses. We have done lots of listening games, including having a walk through school, listening for all the different sounds. We had very different water in the water tray this week so did lots of exploring and science in there. We have felt different textures with our hands and feet and played a guessing game with different smells, hidden in tubs. We tasted lemons and sweets as well as our fruit and all decided sweets were nicer to eat than lemons. We described items by looking at them, but then added further descriptions when we used other senses too, such as if they felt heavy, cold or smelled nice. The children have also continued their learning about families and have done some fantastic roleplay this week.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 5

This week we listened to the story ‘Marvellous Me’. We found out that we can be good at different things and like different things and still all be marvellous.

We had a super hero week and there were lots of adventures and rescue missions. Who knew that super heroes would make quite so much noise?

We learned about Harvest time and did some vegetable printing, then performed brilliantly in church at our Harvest Festival service.

Our theme of families has continued and the children have worked so well together creating roleplay stories. The babies have been really well looked after too, even having stories read to them as they went to bed.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 4

This week we continued our learning about ourselves and our families, focussing on feelings. We listened to the story ‘Sometimes I Feel Sunny’ and talked about all the different feelings we might have. In PE we moved to different mood music and we even played instruments in different moods as part of our phonics. Despite learning about different moods, we were lucky enough not to have any bad ones and the children have been super busy all week.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 3

This week our learning was about families. We found out that there are all kinds of families and all sizes of families. We counted how many people live in our houses to see if they were all the same. We introduced a baby into the home corner and he has been extremely well looked after all week.  We listened to the story of ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh’, where the parents loved spots and stripes. We then made lots of spots and stripes in paint, by cutting and sticking and with chalks too. We used some of the designs as wallpaper in our doll’s house. We recreated some stripy patterns using beads, unifix cubes and duplo which was really tricky to do. We have also enjoyed lots of outdoor learning. The new children have blended seamlessly with the other Jolly Giraffes now as they continue to make new friends.