Autumn Term 1 – Week 2

What a wonderful second week back.  We listened to the story  ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and talked about how we are the Jolly Giraffes class. We talked about how our uniforms show that we all belong as part of DSJA and chose uniform for a toy. The toy elephant was then very well looked after by the children, practicing for when our new children arrived. We welcomed 9 new Jolly Giraffes on Wednesday and they have settled in brilliantly.  As one of their first jobs, we did some dancing in PE and it turns out that actually giraffes CAN dance.  The children have enjoyed exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Autumn Term 1 – Week 1

What a wonderful first week back in the Jolly Giraffes class!

We might not have had many children in this week but they have certainly worked hard and settled back in brilliantly. They have loved exploring the new resources, especially all the building equipment.

Our topic this half term is ‘All About Me’. We have spent the week discovering things we are good at and what we like doing. We know that we don’t all have to like the same things. We have been looking closely at our faces and have all painted a portrait. We have done some sorting and counting of our group.

It has been a lovely week of weather too so we have made the most of our outdoor classroom.

We can’t wait to welcome some new Jollys to our class next week.

PM – Sports Day 2021

This afternoon we braved the field to do our Sports Day activities. The children were absolutely fabulous and had so much fun. They were all just brilliant!

AM – Sports Day 2021

This morning we did our Sports Day in the school hall. The children were absolutely amazing and we had lots of fun. Some of the children were so fast that they were just a blur!

Summer Term 2 – Week 5

This week we listened to the story of ‘Sharing a Shell’ and did some learning about rockpools, where our story was set. The children painted the characters so well as well as retelling the story using the characters from the book. We had dry and wet rockpools in class and Ella drew a fabulous one outside using chalk.

Summer Term 2 – Week 4

This week we have been learning about sharks! Our story was about ‘Smiley Shark’ and we have been sharing smiles around all week. We have learned some facts about sharks and done lots of painting and colouring of them. We have put teeth into sharks mouths and cut out our own sharp shark teeth. We have been counting how many fish the sharks have eaten and have practiced some ‘take away’ sums, seeing how many fish were left after some were eaten. We have made sea creatures with a variety of materials and added to our colourful classroom displays. We even played a massive game of I-Spy in phonics one day.

Summer Term 2 – Week 3

This week we listened to the story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and did lots of jobs based around whales, snails and rhyming words. Together we collaged a huge whale for our under the sea display as well as painting, drawing and colouring other whales. We found out facts about whales and enjoyed a video showing real whales in the ocean. We have done lots of sea creature counting and have been writing numbers for many of our activities. We have also enjoyed lots of outdoor learning.

Summer Term 2 – Week 2

This week we listened to the story of ‘Rainbow Fish’. We talked about the story setting and created our own underwater setting using wax crayons and a blue colour wash. We also painted and coloured some beautiful Rainbow Fish, not forgetting to add some glittery scales. We have also been learning about sharing and how good it feels to share with others.  We compared real fish with storybook fish and found out some fishy facts.

We continued playing in our underwater world and also outdoors. We put some labels out in the allotment and Arlo had the great idea of attaching them to sticks so we could place them anywhere we wanted. Thanks Arlo.

In PE we practiced some team games, including relay and egg and spoon races. The children were absolutely fantastic at this and it was great fun.

Summer Term 2 – Week 1

We have introduced our new topic about ‘Under the Sea’ and the children have come back enthusiastic and ready to learn. They have made excellent use of all the new resources and are keen to find out more about sea creatures. They have been busy drawing and painting characters from our story of ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ as well as fishing and investigating the under the sea environment. The small world sea bed has been very popular and we will add to this as the term goes on. We have been looking at differences between fiction and non-fiction books this week so there has been lots of reading and sharing of books. We have also taken advantage of the warm, dry weather, extending our learning outside.

Summer Term 1 – Week 7

Well our final week of learning about dinosaurs was just as good as the first! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have learned lots of new facts. This week our story, as well as being about dinosaurs,  reminded us of how we need to look after our planet. In the story, after humans had destroyed the earth, the dinosaurs made it green and beautiful again. The children have done some excellent art work, both of earth as a dirty grey space and as a beautiful green place with flowers. We have also planted some extra greenery ourselves, both in the allotment and in the classroom. We’re hoping that some of them might have grown a little over the holidays. We had a go at sorting some recycling and found out why this is important in looking after our planet.

We hope you are all having a great holiday, with lots of playtime in the sunshine.  See you on Tuesday.