Summer Term 1 – Week 7

Well our final week of learning about dinosaurs was just as good as the first! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have learned lots of new facts. This week our story, as well as being about dinosaurs,  reminded us of how we need to look after our planet. In the story, after humans had destroyed the earth, the dinosaurs made it green and beautiful again. The children have done some excellent art work, both of earth as a dirty grey space and as a beautiful green place with flowers. We have also planted some extra greenery ourselves, both in the allotment and in the classroom. We’re hoping that some of them might have grown a little over the holidays. We had a go at sorting some recycling and found out why this is important in looking after our planet.

We hope you are all having a great holiday, with lots of playtime in the sunshine.  See you on Tuesday.



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  1. My little boy has enjoyed this topic so much, and now knows more about dinosaurs than I do! Even more importantly, he’s always so excited to learn more. Great to see these pictures.

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