Summer Term 1 – Week 4

This week we listened to the story of ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’ and had a bit of a ladybird theme running through the week. The children have done lots of drawing, painting and making of ladybirds, as well as other minibeasts. We have counted spots and done some doubling in our maths work.

We have been on some minibeast hunts and because of the warm weather, we managed to find lots of different sorts, including dozens of tiny spiderlings that had just hatched.

We have closely monitored our caterpillars and they were enormous! Some of the children have been singing and reading to the caterpillars to help them feel more at home with us. As we left on Friday, there were 3 cocoons and only one caterpillar remaining. I wonder what we will find tomorrow morning?

The beans and peas we planted last Friday have all germinated and started to grow. We can’t believe how quickly they have developed! We will be planting some of them out in the garden this coming week.

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