Summer Term 2 – Week 5

Well, what an eventful week! We have done some fabulous learning based around the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have made puppets, pictures and paintings as well as roleplaying and retelling the story. We had a bit of drama mid week when Jolly went missing. We put up posters and an alert on the Blog then received some clues to say he was somewhere in school after all. (Thank you to all those Jollys and parents who checked at home for us too.) Anyway, we used a map to look for Jolly outside. He had left clues for us to find, as well as some hoof prints and we finally found him. He has never had so many cuddles! We thought he would be safer going home with someone this weekend so he couldn’t play tricks on us again. Have a lovely weekend Jolly!

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