Summer Term 2 – Week 7

Well for our final week of term we had a bit of a Pirate week. The children made boats and flags and went on some wonderful small world adventures. We threaded beads as pirate treasure and dug for more treasure in the sand. We also managed to fit in a heatwave and sports day, all in a four day week.

It has been an absolute pleasure to share the year with these wonderful children, watching them learn, grow and flourish.

Thank you so much to all the families too who have absolutely spoilt us with their kindness, support, generosity and beautiful gifts. Mrs Byram would also like to say an extra thank you for making her first year at DSJA so special. The FS1 class of 2022 will always have a special place in her heart.

We will miss you Jolly Giraffes! Go out into the world and continue your amazing journeys. You are all fabulous! xx

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