Summer Term 2 – Week 7

Well for our final week of term we had a bit of a Pirate week. The children made boats and flags and went on some wonderful small world adventures. We threaded beads as pirate treasure and dug for more treasure in the sand. We also managed to fit in a heatwave and sports day, all in a four day week.

It has been an absolute pleasure to share the year with these wonderful children, watching them learn, grow and flourish.

Thank you so much to all the families too who have absolutely spoilt us with their kindness, support, generosity and beautiful gifts. Mrs Byram would also like to say an extra thank you for making her first year at DSJA so special. The FS1 class of 2022 will always have a special place in her heart.

We will miss you Jolly Giraffes! Go out into the world and continue your amazing journeys. You are all fabulous! xx

Summer Term 2 – Week 6

This week we had a bit of a magical week. We shared stories about knights, princesses and fairies and had a wonderful week of make believe. There have been castles everywhere and we have also made more castles too. There was lots of magic potion making and on Friday we got to taste a magic potion which the children made from fruit and a couple of spells.


Summer Term 2 – Week 5

Well, what an eventful week! We have done some fabulous learning based around the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have made puppets, pictures and paintings as well as roleplaying and retelling the story. We had a bit of drama mid week when Jolly went missing. We put up posters and an alert on the Blog then received some clues to say he was somewhere in school after all. (Thank you to all those Jollys and parents who checked at home for us too.) Anyway, we used a map to look for Jolly outside. He had left clues for us to find, as well as some hoof prints and we finally found him. He has never had so many cuddles! We thought he would be safer going home with someone this weekend so he couldn’t play tricks on us again. Have a lovely weekend Jolly!

Jolly Update

We have just received these pictures from Jolly. It seems he has been hiding from us all the time. Does anyone know where these pictures might have been taken?

Come home soon Jolly – we miss you!



Jolly is missing! Has anyone seen Jolly Giraffe?

He was last seen in the classroom on Tuesday. Please can you check your houses and sheds in case he has sneaked home with anyone.

Thank you.

Summer Term 2 – Week 4

Well this week we enjoyed the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have spent the week exploring different materials and trying to construct houses of our own. We have discussed how some materials are better than others for all sorts of jobs and what properties they have that make them suitable.  We became architects, designing houses out of 2d shapes then drawing up plans. We have also done some wonderful story telling with puppets and masks. Our challenge on Friday was to build houses in small teams, using different materials. We then retold the story using soft toys and were surprised by a visit from the big bad wolf who really DID blow down two of the pigs houses.

Summer Term 2 – Week 3

This week we listened to the story of ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’.  All week the children have done some amazing retelling of the story using puppets, props and their own roleplaying. They have also been busy engineers and have been constructing bridges. Initially they found it tricky to build their bridges up and over the river but soon experimented with many fabulous designs, all tested by goats for strength. What a fantastic week of learning!

Maths Day

Thank you so much for all the grown-ups that joined us for our Maths afternoon. The children have been so excited, wanting to share with you what they do at school and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is clear that they have fabulous support at home so thank you for sharing your children’s learning journeys.

Summer Term 2 – Week 2

This week we listened to the story of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. The children have really enjoyed this story and have used it to direct their play. We have had some amazing bear painting and drawing and some super story telling. We have learned about size ordering and were able to sort lots of different items between Daddy, Mummy and Baby bear. In water we have explored the changing properties of porridge oats and on Friday we cooked and tasted some porridge, which was a big hit for most.

Having been blessed with some warm and windy weather, the children made kites to fly outside. We also enjoyed alfresco stories under the shade of the trees.

Summer Term 2 – Week 1

Well what a fabulous new start to our new topic of “Fairytales”. We will be deciding if it is real or made up?

We began with the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ We checked the progress of our real beanstalks as well as painting and making many more using workshop materials and play dough.

We have done some measuring and comparing sizes, trying to find out which thing is the biggest.