Dinosaur facts

Arlo has really enjoyed the topic of ‘dinosaurs’ at school and is always discussing facts that he has learnt. He wanted to continue his learning at home this weekend. He had an idea and enjoyed making a stegosaurus out of some bottles. Painted a nodosaurus (I even had to google this one) followed by a visit to the library to get some more ‘Harry and the bucket full of dinosaur’ stories.

Arlo’s space rocket

Moving on from learning about space at school, him and Bronte occupied each other for an hour whilst I was working. Of course Arlo needed to incorporate his numbers into this activity and he hid some inside to blast, drew some numbers and cut them out to stick on the outside too ?

Arlo’s learning

I have been super proud of Arlo today, whilst working from home I have set him off on short learning tasks and with the help of Bronte it has been a successful day for them helping each other with their work. ?


Christmas has arrived in our house and so has the Elf. ? Arlo wanted to fetch it to school to show his teachers but I said it wasn’t wise and I would post them on here for you to see. X

Bonfire night

Arlo came home from school this evening and couldn’t wait to tell me that Mrs Hepworth wanted to see some photos of the children from Bonfire night. Arlo was very reluctant at first but with little reassurance and safety measures in place he throughly enjoyed himself ? x

Planting seeds

Yes, we have been look after our pumpkin plants. Started off a seed, planted then indoors and now there growing lovely and getting bigger by then day outdoors. We have also made our own grass heads and I’m in a competition with my sister to see who’s grows the longest hair. ?

Chicks have hatched

3 weeks ago our chickens became broody. We got some fertilised eggs for the chickens to lay on and the children have waited 3 long weeks, whilst talking about the life cycle to them hatching. Arlo is now enjoying looking after the chicks and learning about how to be kind and nurture them until they’ve got more independent.

Arlos learning

Arlo has been eager to learn and has been working hard with his phonics and starting to form his letters and numbers.