Colouring dinosaurs

Emily has enjoyed colouring some dinosaurs that we drew together, and then cutting them out by herself.
She is also enjoying her new furry sibling, Flossy the kitten.


I lit my Christingle when we got home.
I also showed Harry and he made himself one because he didn’t have one.

Locke park

This morning me and mummy went on a walk around the park.
We collected pretty leaves and looked at all the different colours and shapes. I liked a spotty leaf very much!
I saw a long tree laid on the floor and told mummy it looked like a choo choo train, so I sat on it for a photo. We saw a lot of gorgeous doggies on the walk around and I really enjoyed saying hello to them all. I even saw some ABC steps and spotted an E for Emily!


Emily was so excited that it was bonfire night, so we decided to get some sparklers and small rockets. We put the sparklers in long carrots so they were further away from the kids faces.
Emily really enjoyed watching the flashes in the sky from other people’s celebrations while she waited for ours, and told me and her dad that we had to light the rockets then move away super fast so we were safe.
We also decided to do a small fire in our burning bin and pretend it was a bonfire

Practicing my letters

I can now recognise the letters I have been learning at nursery, me and mummy have been looking at a workbook that Granny had and I have been tracing over the letters and telling mummy what they are and what words start with them.

Helping in the kitchen

I like to peel the vegetables with my mummy and sometimes she lets me cut them up. Today I was peeling carrots.
I’m the best at cutting mushrooms though because carrots are a bit hard!

Building castles and houses

Here are some photos of what me and mummy have been building. We used our Grimms wooden rainbow and semi circles and our mini rainbow was used as seesaws and beds.
We used our Grapat tomten gnomes, Grimms girl dwarves and the little people, gnomes and babies that mummy made for me. Then I used my torch that Arlo kindly bought me and I experimented with how close I needed to be for the picture on the torch to be bigger and smaller.

Pot House Hamlet

After school today mummy asked if we wanted to go see the animals. Of course we said ‘YES PLEASE!’ So we all went to pot house hamlet.
We saw the ducks and geese, the hens and rooster and baby chicks.
We fed sheep and goats and stroked them gently and mummy fell in love with the sheep because she liked her head stroking and wasn’t just after the food! Haha.
We really had fun seeing the animals and how well looked after they are.