This weeks learning!

This week our story was called ‘Funnybones’ and it led our learning onto our bodies. You can watch the ‘Funnybones videos if you follow this link FunnyBones – The Pet Shop – YouTube

We have been learning how to do the skeleton dance, again follow this link and the children will show you their skeleton dance.

The Skeleton Dance – YouTube

We have made skeletons that move and skeletons that are life sized and we have a real skeleton called ‘Pip’ who has come to visit us for a while.


This week we have been learning that numbers are made up of other numbers. We focused on the number 3 this week and found many different ways of making 3 using different resources.  We found out that 3 can be made from adding 2 and 1 and also adding 1 and 1 and 1 together. We also found out that we can take numbers away from 3 to make it into a  smaller number!!!!!

Some of our learning this week!

We have been learning about our feelings this week based on the story, ‘The Colour Monster’. We have created some excellent monsters from rocks, paper bags and rocks. We also explored colours and surveyed our favourite colours in the class. What is your favourite colour? I have uploaded a selection of our learning photo’s outside.

We also enjoyed the big forest this week, it was dark, but lost of fun……..some of us thought we saw a …………Gruffalo!!!!!!!!

Selfie in the forest.
Monster rocks
Outdoor water play
Playing outside with the vehicles.
Monster masks
Outdoor play


Welcome to our School

Hello Butterflies

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely summer with your families!

Watch the video about starting school and listen to the story. Are you excited about it?

I am really looking forward to it and all our lovely new learning! See you all next week Butterflies 2021/22