Fabulous Fairytale learning

A bridge suitable for Billy Goats!
A fairytale castle
The giants castle being axed to protect Jack
A cottage for the 3 bears
Story time about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
A cottage for lots of tiny bears
Lets spin the wheel and read the words
Making story books about the 3 bears
We have been exploring odd and even numbers.
some chairs for baby bear

Jubilee week learning! An amazing week – well done to the Butterflies!

Anyone for a royal drink?
A Queen Bee!
Crown colouring.
Flag making
Jewellery making
Some more jewellery making
Jubilee lunch
Jubilee lunch-hope the rain keeps off!!!
Jubilee maths patterns
Jubilee maths pattern
Is this our next King?
Making playdough crowns
Royal castle and Queen play
Some of our Queen drawings
Queen drawings
Some more Queen drawings
More Queen drawings
Here is our sand castle!

Our visit to Old Moor!

On the coach.
Our welcome!
Before we started.
We listened before we went on our minibeast hunt.
A very excited boy!
We were taught how to pond dip for minibeasts.
Very carefully we used the nets to dip for minibeasts.
It was a great way to find minibeasts in the pond.
Look what we found!!!
We had to look carefully.
We found some water beetles!
We found some dragonfly nymphs!
What else can we see?
There are lots in here.
Gosh they are everywhere in the pond.
We had to try and identify the minibeasts using a chart with pictures on it.
Here are a few tiny creatures!
Here are some more!!!
Lunchtime! We had a picnic for our lunch.
Minibeast hunting in the forest in the afternoon-we listened to what we had to do first.
Then we were shown how to sieve for the minibeasts.
Our turn to explore!
Sieving for minibeasts!
What have we found?
Pond viewing-we saw snails, pond skaters and a stickleback!
We found a cocoon, it was hard and spiky and black!
look at this…….
We made some of our favourite minibeasts using some natural resources. This was a dragonfly nymph!
Some of use were very sleepy coming home! What an eventful day!

Easter week activities. Fabulous learning and lots of fun! Happy Easter everyone!

A great Easter bunny house!
An Easter bunny mansion as the girls described it!
Is this the Easter bunny?
Easter themed water
Easter painting-look at how carefully they are using the colours and the brushes.
Some Easter colouring, but again very carefully selected colours and using the pens.
The Easter bunny is practising for her big day!
Easter egg colouring
A super hero egg!!
An Easter bunny egg!
Easter egg colouring
Easter egg colouring-carefully and concentrating!
Lots of discussion around Easter egg colouring here!
Very much concentrating on Easter egg co,louring!
More Easter egg colouring again very focussed!!
A finished super hero egg.
I am trying my best to create a super egg!
This is a butterfly Easter egg!!! How fabulous
Easter egg hunt, I’ve got mine!!!
We found ours too!!!!
We all found our Easter eggs. Happy Easter everyone!

Brilliant Easter week, full of fabulous learning and fun!!!!!