VE Day celebration day ??

Year 2 have had a fab day today recreating the very first VE Day celebrations bringing our topic ‘VE Day – Why party?’ to an end.

They came in some amazing outfits and had a fab day from start to finish. We created our own decorations, sang the national anthem, listened to Winston Churchill’s speech, sang ‘we’ll meet again’, had authentic WW2 rationed food along with tea and jam tarts to finish. We then danced to some swing music, cracked a message using morse code and finished with a VE Day quiz. What a fab day we had! ??

Spam hash

Today’s DT lesson involves making another authentic ww2 meal – spam hash ?

1000 piece jigsaw ?

Wow Vinnie I can really see why you have been working on this since Easter. You have done an amazing job this must have taken quite a lot of patience and dedication! Fab work ?

The Great Fire of London ?

To end this terms class topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ we recreated the tragedy that began in Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane way back in September 1666.