I’ve been doing some rounding up numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

River Don poem

River Don
Is really long
Visitors think it’s strong!
Everybody thinks it’s good
River Don please don’t flood!

Down and fast
On it goes
Never stopping, there it flows.

River acrostic poem

Rolling water falling down
In to the pool below
Very fast I flow
Eventually I will reach the sea
Rushing water waves all around me

By Harry and Mum

A river’s journey

I was a little drop of rain from a grey rain cloud in a murky sky. I fell along way down and splashed into a spring of water on a high mountain. I joined the stream of water that flowed down the cracks of the mountain side, getting faster, wider, deeper through the twists and turns.
I meandered through the countryside passing sheep, cows and horses. They come to drink from me and muddy me with their mess.
I move pebbles and grind down rocks and carry leaves on my way.
I help the trees and plants grow as they suck my water in their roots. Children come and splash in me in their wellington boots.
Now my current gets faster and I start to bubble in the V shaped valley. My waterfall is furious and loud as I plummet to the ground.
Sometimes I was smelly with pollution, other days I was clean and clear and was home to fish, frogs and dragonflies.
Slowly I reached the sea. There were boats bobbing on the waves. I’ve reached the end of my river journey but this is the start of an amazing new journey.

By Charlotte.


Here is a river that me and my mum built using lego. We have labelled the parts that we researched online.

Rivers of the world !!!

This post will be for my teaches and friends!

Rivers are fast flowing water body’s that can twist and turn, make V shaped valley’s and beautiful waterfalls. The upper course makes waterfalls down to the main river and that will make it’s way to the sea or ocean. Some of these rivers like the Amazon and the Nile have like loads of water in it’s capacity so it must be like a infinite water source. Speaking of water sources, they’re so tiny but if you go and see the mouth… boy it’s MASSIVE. I’m telling you that you will need to take a family trip to see how big a rivers mouth is!

Thank’s for reading bye!