I have made a Roman shield, sword and spear which a Roman soldier would use in battle.


I researched Roman mosaics. I found out they were floor decorations made out of small stones, tiles or glass. The richer the Romans were the bigger and better mosaic they had. It was a way for people to show off how rich they were.
I made my own mosaic of a fish.


I’ve been doing some rounding up numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

A river’s journey

I was a little drop of rain from a grey rain cloud in a murky sky. I fell along way down and splashed into a spring of water on a high mountain. I joined the stream of water that flowed down the cracks of the mountain side, getting faster, wider, deeper through the twists and turns.
I meandered through the countryside passing sheep, cows and horses. They come to drink from me and muddy me with their mess.
I move pebbles and grind down rocks and carry leaves on my way.
I help the trees and plants grow as they suck my water in their roots. Children come and splash in me in their wellington boots.
Now my current gets faster and I start to bubble in the V shaped valley. My waterfall is furious and loud as I plummet to the ground.
Sometimes I was smelly with pollution, other days I was clean and clear and was home to fish, frogs and dragonflies.
Slowly I reached the sea. There were boats bobbing on the waves. I’ve reached the end of my river journey but this is the start of an amazing new journey.

By Charlotte.