Ancient Egyptian Day

Mrs Greenwood and I thought it would be a fun idea for Year 5 if we had a day off the usual timetable and participated in different activities around our topic.

We started our day by making salt dough in pairs to mould into the shape of a scarab beetle. Unfortunately the dough took ages to cook, so we painted them this afternoon  –  I have to say they are looking great.

Next, we made Ancient Egyptian Tiger Nut sweets out of nuts, honey, cinnamon and dates in between creating a piece of papyrus ready for a spell to be added for the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

After lunch we met Clive the camel and took it in turns in having a camel ride followed by choreographing their own sand dances.

The final part of our day we tried some of the tiger nut sweets,  and dipped some pitta bread into some babaganoush that Mrs Greenwood very kindly made. (We had grand plans to make our own flatbreads, but unfortunately time got the better of us.)

Salt dough scarab beetle

Levi was an absolute superstar as our very own mummy

Papyrus making

Meet Clive

Sand dances

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all  and we hope that you will have some happy memories of your time with us.

Winners of Enterprise Challenge

We are all so proud of our Year 5 team,  who made it through to the finals of the Primary School Enterprise Challenge at the Metrodome today. What can we say apart from you were absolutely brilliant. So much so,  that we weren’t the only ones that knew it.  You only went and won the best team in your judging room.  Go DSJA! What an achievement.

Platinum Jubilee Day


What a fabulous day we have all had today.  A big school party outside all afternoon  with dancing, party games, chasing the drone and singing. Before this we started our day with a rousing rendition of the national anthem on the xylophones and glockenspiels

This was then followed by a creative challenge where in groups, Year 5 had to produce a portrait of the queen without drawing, painting, colouring, sketching.

Camel Piece

Year 5 enjoying the sunshine whilst rehearsing in their ensembles ‘Camel Piece’ . Three different parts all at the same time – impressive stuff everyone!

Soggy Feet


No complaints from Group 1 today on their bikeability session  –  just some very wet and cold feet. Respect!