Buoyancy vs gravity


Our science lesson yesterday

We are going to build our own tin foil barges and see how much cargo they can successfully carry.

One of our groups managed the grand total of 197 coin before it started to sink.

The more surface area an object has for the force to push up on, the greater chance it will float and the more weight it will hold.

Our wide, flat-bottomed barge has a large surface area in contact with the water, so is very buoyant.

When the tin foil barge weighs less than the amount of water it displaces then it floats.

When the tin foil barge weighs more than the amount of water it displaces, because it is loaded with coins, it sinks


Gravity vs lift and Thrust vs drag?

Today we have been looking  at aerodynamics by making a paper aeroplane.

The serious bit

Thrust versus Drag (air resistance): How hard you throw it, will influence how far it goes, but so will the design of the plane. The drag or air resistance is working in the opposite direction to slow it down. The more the plane is ‘streamlined’, the less air resistance or drag it will experience, so the pointed shape helps to cut through the air.

Lift versus Gravity: The wings give the plane lift. The opposing force is gravity trying to pull it down to the ground. The bigger the wings, the better the lift. If your plane is symmetrical it will travel in a straight line. If one wing is slightly bigger than the other is will tip it off balance because the forces will act differently on the different sides of the plane.

You would expect the trajectory to be arc shaped. It will glide for quite a while because the paper is light and it is streamlined but then gradually air resistance will slow it down and gravity will pull it down to the floor.

The fun bit

Flag bearer

Tommy was given the honourable position  of being a flag bearer for his cub scouts group at a remembrance service last Sunday. Well done Tommy, I have been told that you were superb.

Year 5 Enterprise Day

Wow, what a day! Year 5 have been superb today working in teams to create a new bubble bath for ‘Kids Stuff’. Each team  had to work with a budget of £3:00 to cover the cost of the colour, scent and a special feature to make their product extra fun. They had to create team names, logos, mascots, bottle designs and a pitch all in the space of one day. I am very pleased to say I was super proud of them all and so was our facilitator Paul. Here are few pictures to see how, and what they did.

And… the winning team went too ‘Soapy Seashells’. Our prefects (thank goodness) had the difficult decision in selecting  the winners.


Gravity vs Air Resistance

We started our new topic today in science which is all about different forces. We had a very  brief look at the two opposing forces gravity and air resistance using good old A 4 paper.


Improvisation time

I was very impressed by Year 5’s musical skills today. Look at  the concentration on everyone’s  faces as they were improvising and composing on the glockenspiels.

Mentos and coca cola

The co-op was out of mentos unfortunately, but trebor chewy mints rose admirably to the occasion instead! The photographs don’t capture the reaction very well either – by the time I was able to take a picture  – but we did have fun doing it!

Year 5 gymnastics

A few photos from our first gymnastics lesson. There really is a wealth of ability here. Year 5 were asked to include a range of balances into a group sequence, really focusing on the transitions between each balance.